Poverty and Access to Justice and the Role of the Higher Judiciary in Bangladesh

Access to Justice, Socio Economic Rights, Fundamental Right, Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Republic, democracy, fundamental human rights, equal opportunity, equal protection of law, original writ jurisdiction, Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure, court jurisdiction, technicalities of law and procedure, advocate, Justice Bhagwati, proverty is a curse, poverty ridden person, relief, proverty as a roadblock in the way of access to justice, NGO, Grameen Bank, poverty alleviation, BLAST, ASK, BELA, BSEHR, BNWLA, sex-workers and slum dwellers, Bangladesh Bar Council, District Lawyer Association, Annual report of BLAST, defacto bias towards the priviledge class, corruption and politicization of the law enforcement agencies, Forma Pauperis, suo moto, detention of Nazrul Islam is illegal and without jurisdiction, Public Interest Litigation, PIL, locus standii, Family Court, Bar Association, Legal Aid committee, SAARC, CHRI and Interights, UNHCHR

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