Mr. Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif

Mr. Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif
The 7th Lecture in the Think Legal Bangladesh Lecture Series will be delivered by Mr. Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif, Hon&rsquo;ble Judge of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on 25<sup>th</sup>February 2017at 11 a.m. at the EMK Center, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on the topic: &ldquo;<i>Judging the Judges Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif was elevated as the Judge of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh,High Court Division in 2010. Widely regarded in the Bar and Bench as an expert in fiscal law matters, Justice Arif has also delivered various constitutionally important judgments and orders touching human rights, child rights, environmental issues and fiscal laws.
Justice Arif participated in various international conferences including the SAARC Law Conference, Dhaka in 1996; Bangladesh Human Rights Convention of 2005 held in London, UK; AIJA &lsquo;Child Protection Conference&rsquo;, Brisbane, Australia in 2011;Second International Summit of the High Courts at Istanbul, Turkey in 2013 and the South Asia Judicial Conference on Environment and Climate Change, Dhaka in 2016, and made remarkable contributions through his research, deliberations and speeches. He takes special interest in child rights, human rights and climate change issues and, accordingly, delivers speeches on those issues in national and international seminars, symposiums and conferences on a regular basis.
Justice Arif serves as a member of the &lsquo;Special Committee of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on Child Rights&rsquo; and is an active contributor in the implementation of the &lsquo;UN Child Rights Convention (CRC)&rsquo; in Bangladesh. He is the co-editor of the&lsquo;Supreme Court Online Bulletin (SCOB)&rsquo;―the first of its kind initiative in the national realm of online law-reporting by the Supreme Court of Bangladesh― documenting important judgments of the Appellate Division and High Court Division in order to provide ready case references to the Hon&rsquo;ble Judges, advocates, members of the legal community, media, and the people at large. This initiative (SCOB) has proven to be one of the &nbsp;most invaluable assets to its users and also demonstrates the Bangladesh judiciary&rsquo;s dynamism in facilitating &nbsp;Access to Justice for all.
Justice Arif completed his LL.B and M.S.S from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, and &nbsp;L.L.B(Honors) from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. While doing LL.B (Honors), he was awarded the &ldquo;Best Student&rsquo;s Award&rdquo;, for academic performances given by the Holborn College, London, under the University of Wolverhampton. He then obtained &nbsp;Postgraduate Diploma in Professional and Legal Skills from the then ICSL,City University,London,UK before being called to the Hon&rsquo;ble Society of Lincoln&rsquo;s Inn, London, UK as a Barrister-At-Law.</p>
<p>Amongst many, some important judgments rendered by Justice Arif &nbsp;include &ndash; the directives/guidelines on Street Sexual Harassment (eve-teasing) and stalking in Bangladesh BNWLA vs. Bangladesh [18 BLC (2013)290]; declaring the imposition of income tax on private universities illegal and the discrimination between private and public universities as unconstitutional:North South University vs. Bangladesh (writ petition No.9562-9564 of 2008)

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